Monday, October 23, 2006

Days 214 - 220

I cannot believe another week has passed since I last wrote. It seems like a lot has happened, and yet not much has happened.

We have had the first real setback in our plans. To cut a long story short, we fell out with the printers who were doing our wedding invitations because they kept making mistakes, yet they wanted to charge us for doing further test prints. I wanted to get the invitations sent out very soon, but I am not going to do that if it means being ripped off. I am actually so angry about this that I am tempted to name and shame the firm concerned.

We still don't have a sofa, either, but that is an entirely unrelated story.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Days 206 - 213

We've been rather busy these last few days, helped by the fact that I've been between jobs and so able to get things done.

We started this little period by meeting up with our chief usher and handing her her duties. We think she was pleased, if slightly surprised that we asked her. Since then, in between hunting for jobs, we've had test prints of the invitations done [and rather brilliantly omitted the date and time from them] and booked the honeymoon. We've also arranged to meet up with the photographer and have done all sorts of the little things that need to be done.

The only problem with this is that no sooner do we think we've ticked one thing off the list than we remember something else we need. Like wedding rings. And something to wear on the day.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Days 202 - 205

The Vicar of St Andrew's, she said yes!

4pm, January 27 2007, here we come...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


You've seen Goth Girl's baby, now here's mine. He was born in April 2006 and he's a Siberian Eagle Owl named Cinnamon.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Days 196-201

Goth Girl and I just spent three of the most wonderfully chilled out days imaginable. Starting with my birthday on Friday, we just ate, drank and slept our way through the weekend.

We ventured out on Friday night for the leaving party of a dear friend, which was ended bizarrely when sewage started seeping into the nightclub we were in. It's a shame that said friend is going to miss the wedding, but it would be impossible to find a date when everyone we would love to have there can be there.

On Sunday we did one of those things we have always wanted to have time to do, which is spend the afternoon in the pub reading the Sunday papers. I have no idea when we will get time to do that again, but I suspect it will not be any time soon.

In between, I got up before dawn on Saturday to watch my beloved West Coast Eagles beat Sydney Swans in one of the most exciting AFL Grand Finals ever. With Villa holding Chelski to a draw and the Bears maintaining their unbeaten record (albeit by not playing at all) it was a good sporting weekend.

Now we are back into the real world. Goth Girl has her last week in her current job and is working harder and more concientiously than I would. I also have my last week in a job, but I am spending most of it looking for another one. In all of this we are trying to sort out a honeymoon, which is looking like it might be a bit of an adventure of its own.